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Grenache rouge 50% - Syrah 50%

The vivid colour of Avantis Rose is very attractive. Once you taste it you cannot help drinking it to the last drop. This wine has its own fans and it suits mediterranean cuisine. It is a best seller, since it brings strawberry and cherry flavour in your glass.

Technical Sheet

Protected Geographical Indication

Grenache rouge 50% - Syrah 50%

Mytikas & Afrati - Evia

Seperate harvest for each of the two varieties. One day skin contact, fermentation in separate tanks and assemblage.

Tasting notes
Bright deep rose colour, pronounced nose intensity of strawberry, sour cherry and pomegranate aroma. On the palate is fruity with aromas of red fruit, candy, caramel, full body and well balanced acidity. Long pleasant finish.

2 years


Avantis Rose 1996 : 2nd Best Greek Rose Wine  Εy zin magazine June 1997 , 80/100

Avantis Rose 2002 : 2nd Best Greek Rose Wine  Εy zin magazine May 2003 , 79/100

Avantis Rose 2003 : Best Greek Wine , Japan 2004

Avantis Rose 2005 : Silver medal  International Wine Competition Thessaloniki 2006

Avantis Rose 2005 : 1st Best Greek Rose Wine  Εy zin magazine May 2006 , 85,75/100

Avantis Rose 2005: Bronze medal  Decanter World Wine Awards 2006

Avantis Rose 2005: 85/100 Wine Giude Giannos Kostantinou 2007-2008

Avantis Rose 2005 : Seal of Approval, Japan Wine Challenge

Avantis Rose 2006 : 83/100 Alpha Wine Guide 2007

Avantis Rose 2006 : 2nd Best Greek  Rose Wine Εy zin magazine May 2007, 85/100

Avantis Rose 2007: Gold medal  Terravino - Israel MIWC

Avantis Rose 2007 : Category Champion – Connaisseur Wines Terravino MIWC

Avantis Rose 2007 : Bronze medal  Decanter World Wine Awards 2008

Avantis Rose 2008: Silver medal Oinothiki, Thessalonica 2009

Avantis Rose 2009: Silver medal International Wine Competition Thessaloniki 2010

Avantis Rose 2010: Gold Medal International Wine Competition Thessaloniki 2011

Avantis Rose 2011: Silver medal, Berliner Wein Trophy 2012

Avantis Rose 2014: Silver medal Sakura Wine Competition 2016 Japan

Avantis Estate Rose 2016 : Bronze medal International Wine Challenge 2016